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Post  Antebellum on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:04 pm

Hi all, and thanks for the warm welcome to the guild!

Oddly most of what I have to say in way of presentation has already been said by others here, so I'll plagiarize. Like Kotetsu, I feel attracted to this type of games not so much by the game itself, but more from the interaction with other players. I used to play WoW (obsessively for a year and a half) and I realized that the true drug in that game lay in guilds and groups - player interaction. In a some ways this game is to WoW what methadone is to heroin Wink Anyway, being in a guild is more than just XP and SP, it's making contact with people that we'd otherwise never meet!

And like Krimbef I'm in the doctoring game, albeit being actually done. I occasionally work at a hospital or as a GP when I feel like it, and occasionally (like now) I work as an IT consultant. I spent the past nine months relaxing, traveling, renovating a basement and building a kitchen, partying - well, everything except work. I live in Sweden and I normally have a standard 24-hour cycle life for that timezone (except weekends). But since I work from home I'll be online pretty much during the whole day.

Questions will be accepted in written form only.

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