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Where do i start... Empty Where do i start...

Post  chronotriggr on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:04 am

Well Lets see.. I am chronotriggr on Kongregate, going as the ign "Sean" in DW, which is also my name. You can address me by either, it doesn't really bother me which. My character is a Lv 51(57%) Conqueror, growing by the energy. I'm currently working on a Fire Gate solo (curse you Ubepyromuth!), but its almost done! "Demons Remaining: 0 Boss HP: 335451"

Other : Umm... I'm 18 (As of 4 days ago, Yay me!) and I'm looking forward to going to college some time in my future. That's... about it i think ^^ Nice meeting you all and i look forward to seeing some of you in Room 25 Very Happy


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